Sunday, 3 August 2008

Day nine: Mixed news

First some good news - the olive stall at the market refilled my homous pot (and gave me a 10p discount). All you have to do is ask it seems!

Then the less good news. This weekend I've had three drinks in three different pubs/bars in Lancaster. Wasn't difficult to find a plastic-free drink, but in only one of these did I manage to stop the bartender from adding a stirer or straws. It seems I must be always on guard.(Or return to drinking tap water, which is actually my favourite drink, or avoid any social activity and sit at home listening to radio 4 on my (plastic) digital radio.)

I've made a decision on gifts - if it is impolite to refuse them, then I can accept, but should give it to someone else.

And finally, a recipe for pitta bread. This is incredibly easy (total kneading: 30 seconds) though may greatly diminish your enjoyment of any shop-bought substitute!

300g Strong white flour
200g Plain flour
1 level teaspoon easy blend yeast*
1 level teaspoon sugar
1 level teaspoon salt*
2 tablespoons oil**
325ml warm water

1. Briefly warm a mixing bowl with some boiling water.
2. Mix all to a sticky dough (don't worry if it seems too sticky...)
3. Leave covered for 10 mins
4. On an oiled work surface, knead the dough for 10 seconds
5. Repeat 3 and 4 twice more
6. Leave dough for 30 mins
7. Turn on oven and heat baking sheet (
250C or more)
8. Make 8 balls and leave for 15 mins
9. Roll out pittas
10. Cook two at a time for 3-5 mins (until risen + barely coloured) - keep oven
11. Cool under a tea towel to keep soft


*plastic-free from Single Step in Lancaster
** the olive stall (Lancaster city centre, Wednesdays and Saturdays) will refil bottles of olive oil.

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