Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Day 5: Positivity

It has been a while since I first started thinking about avoiding plastic. So I thought I'd list the things I already have solutions for. Then I might feel less like this is an impossible task!


Single Step, Lancaster's ethical, vegetarian wholefood co-operative (without which I might end up very hungry) is amazing. They sell loose rice, oats, flour, dried fruit, lentils, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, yeast, rooibosh tea, museli, possibly couscous (but not pasta).

Pasta can be bought as lasagne sheets (which my mum has an amazing non-lasagne recipe for) from most supermarkets, which also sell flour and sugar in paper bags. Apparently there is a 'Food Weighhouse' in Preston where you can buy loose products (but take your own paper bags as they provide plastic). And a very helpful friend has done some research and found a shop in London called Unpackaged which does exactly what it says (and apparently sells toilet paper too!).

Booths cheese counter uses greaseproof paper bags - if you ask nicely they will miss out the sheet of plastic they usually use to pick the cheese up. Yoghurt is very easy to make - see Ele's blog for instructions and a review.

Orange juice and milk are delivered in returnable glass bottles by the milkman. Currently can't find the number for the dairy... but will look if anyone is interested.

I have an organic fruit+veg box delivered each week by Abel & Cole. They never send plastic bags (it mostly comes loose in a returnable cardboard box) but soft fruits, cherry tomatoes, cucumber etc come in plastic. They were very helpful when I asked if I could have a box with no plastic... but they can't do it. So I'll have to check online what they plan to send each week and ask for alternatives for plastic wrapped things.

Fast food: Greggs sell all sorts in paper bags, as will other bakeries if you can find one! The LUSU shop on Campus sells sandwiches in cardboard / cornstarch compostable packaging, and SoupedUp will even give you a discount on soup and chilli if you bring your own container. And you can always buy take-away pizza!


Single Step will refil bio-D and ecover products. (However, I only have a laundry liquid bottle at present so am hoping I don't run out of washing up liquid!). Also, most washing powders come in cardboard boxes (some contain plastic scoups). Single step also sell hand-knitted dishcloths (I'm yet to try one, but apparently they are very popular...)

Personal care

Soap is very easy to find loose; shampoo and conditioner can be bought in solid bars from LUSH (haven't tried this yet) but be warned: they might wrap it in plastic. Women will find the mooncup can replace tampons and lunapads (or equivalent) can replace sanitary towels. And I found a coconut fibre /wood nail brush in boots!

More on some of this another time...


Abi said...

Let me know if you're running out of washing up liquid - I have a few too many washing up liquid bottles by ecover waiting empty under my sink, and would be glad to donate one to you. (They all get refilled every time I have a refilling expedition - it extends the time I can take between refills. This does not mean that they are necessary to me.)

Ros said...

Lush have been cutting down on their plastic too. They now sell my face cleanser (which used to be in plastic pots) wrapped in greaseproof paper and then give you the option of taking a pot to keep it in. And all the other stuff I've bought from there recently they've given me in paper bags :-)

Toronto airport is boring... nearly time to board my flight though!