Monday, 11 August 2008

Day seventeen: photography

So this is a plastic-free camera! A photography talk + demonstration required a pringles tube to make a pin hole camera. But I suceeded with some card, masking tape, greaseproof paper, tin foil and pva glue. An image from a pin hole is projected onto the screen (placed part way up the tube). AND even though I had to construct a plastic-free pringles tube before starting, I wasn't even quite the last to finish!


Andrew said...

I was most impressed with the success of your plastic-free pinhole camera. In fact, I'm impressed that everyone seemed to make something that worked fairly well!

Becca said...

I've found a plastic free propelling pencil - however you will pay a fortune for this particular one

Still haven't found any "plastic box free" leads though, i'll keep hunting. One possibility is that you could buy vintage pencil leads that would come in cardboard boxes but how practical/safe they would be to use would be debatable.