Friday, 8 August 2008

Day thirteen: magazines

All was going fairly well (except a purchase of some much-needed ibuprofen... I shall do some research into alternative pain killers sometime) until I arrived at work this morning to find the August edition of Physics World waiting in my pidgeon hole. Wrapped in plastic.

So I wrote an email:


This probably seems like a rather odd request, but I've 'given up' acquiring new plastic for three months. However, as I discovered this morning, PhysicsWorld comes in a plastic bag. Would it be possible either to send this to me in a paper envelope (with no plastic window...), or just not send it to me for the next two months? I really don't want to cancel my membership of the IOP!



Lets see if there is any response. Oh and I also emailed Booths to check that what we think are greaseproof paper cheese bags are actually greaseproof paper...

A rather speedy response from the Institute of Physics: my record is now 'flagged' and they won't send physics world again until I ask them to, and they sent the link for reading it online.

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