Thursday, 12 February 2009

Another beginning!

So plans to begin all over again for Lent, with more people really are happening!

We've set up a website: where you can find details of the challenge we offer you, hopefully some tips (do submit some!) and discussion groups etc.

Do pay it a visit!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


There are a lot of missing posts on this blog - for example, I found plastic-free (fake) marmite in cambridge - but the three months are over! (Sunday, at noon)

Since then I have bought
frozen peas
a huge jar of real marmite
a jacket potato in polystyrene from spar**
soy sauce***
toilet paper

So, what next? I shall most definitely continue having milk delivered, buying vegetables loose. It is at times rather fun refusing plastic, so I imagine I shall continue with this. There are a few things I intend to buy though, including some extremely warm, waterproof gloves, either a tumble dryer or a dehumidifier and two (work, home) proper water bottles (we never found ones without plastic lids).

I imagine I'll fill in some of the gaps in this blog over the next few months. And an advanced warning that this is NOT THE END. There are some plans (in Ele's head) about lent and a plastic fast, with many people. You are invited to join in!

*the women on the cheese counter didn't seem to understand my requests and I didn't feel like fighting
**a previous favourite when working late however, it was horrible, both the potato and the plastic and I don't think I shall do this again.
***I looked all over the country for a plastic-free version with no luck at all

Friday, 24 October 2008

Quantum Hyperion

It has been commented on that there is NOT MUCH PHYSICS in this blog. Nor currently not much at all. So instead, see here for an interesting post by some other physicists.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I took a trip to Preston with some friends on Saturday. It had been my intention to cycle, but rain and a late night hampered that. However, we did find what we were looking for: the Food Weighhouse (in the Guildhall for anyone interested).

We found, unpackaged
  • pasta (including wholemeal)
  • hot chocolate powder
  • sweets
  • coffee and tea bags
  • rice, couscous
  • various dried fruits + nuts
  • various powders (cake, gravy, custard and suchlike)
  • chocolate chips
  • dried banana and onion (separately
  • and more stuff - some which Single Step doesn't stock
And a very friendly shop assistant who said "This is the ultimate in recycling!" when she saw all the paper bags we'd taken.

A note of caution: you do need to take your own paper bags (if you're trying to avoid plastic) as they only provide plastic ones. Otherwise it could be a rather wasted journey!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Toilet paper

Thought this could be an impossibility, but it turned out that a 2-pack of Andrex comes wrapped in paper. And they sell this in Somerfield in Lancaster (by the bus station). Sainsburys do a tiny box (travel size?) in cardboard, but it is not really practical (and very expensive).

However, I would never usually buy Andrex, preferring brands that have other ethical plus points - i.e. using recycled paper (and I guess they are cheaper too). So I am undecided about what will happen after the 26th October (which I think is our final day).

Ideally there would be a cash and carry type place where they sold it un-packaged.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

In defence of plastic

I don't seriously believe that all plastic is bad, just that our reliance on it and readiness to use once and throw away is not a good thing.

So I post a link to an article on the BBC website about the good side of plastic. You can view it here.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


I forgot to mention, ages ago, the BBC journalist who gave up plastic for August (only one month I hear you say...). And to thank the many many people who emailed me to tell me! I include a link to her blog: 'Not my bag' because it is quite interesting. She began from a completely plastic-filled life (whereas I'd already eliminated a fair bit of plastic before starting).

On a separate note, I think we have a problem with yoghurt. Unless, Ele you have a rather good starter culture and JUST DON'T WISH TO SHARE IT. So, if anyone in Lancaster has some good quality, live natural yoghurt, that was not bought specially for the occasion, could I have a desert spoon full?