Saturday, 9 August 2008

Day fifteen: Plastic-free DIY...

It would be wrong to claim that I've actually succeeded here...

I needed to fit a gas fire that I'd bought ages ago (wrapped in a fairly minimal amount of plastic). So my dad came round with tools and know-how... but we still needed a few things-

  • tin snips (plastic handle, plastic packaging)
  • plastering-trowel-thing (plastic handle, but non-plastic packaging)
  • rubble bags
  • cap for gas pipe (plastic packaging)
I first bought the trowel from B&Q, in a plastic wrapping. But when on the search for bricks in Wicks, I found the exact same one but in cardboard wrapping.

The rubble bags have been used many times as my dad usually empties and reuses them. But they'd come to the end of their life and we couldn't keep them anymore!

Had I had time and had I known what we needed in advance, I could have searched around... there is some kind of recycling DIY shop in Morecambe... I shall investigate one day

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