Monday, 28 July 2008

Day three - a realisation

I thought this would be easy. I really thought I could give up obtaining new plastic for three months without changing my lifestyle or making much effort. I thought it would be a case of borrowing rather than buying the Saturday Guardian and not eating marmite. I already don't use plastic bags, choose loose fruit+veg, don't wear makeup or otherwise use products in plastic bottles.

I've begun to see this might not be the case. What happens when the batteries in my bike light run out? Where can I get cheese from (this might be a little easier to solve)? Is take away pizza the only non-plastic food available on campus post 5pm? Is it ok to have take-away vegi chilli (in a reusable container of course) with soured cream that is obviously straight from a plastic pot? What happens if someone gives me a present (perhaps not that likely in the next 3 months...)?

And the worst thing: as a theoretical physicist, I rely on my mechanical pencil. I think it may be impossible to work without it - a standard wooden pencil JUST WOULD NOT DO. (The refills come in a plastic box.)

This all seems rather inconvenient.

However, one decision was made today: chocolate digestives are not ok in someone else's house (but a cup of tea would be ok).

And finally, a link to the blog of Ele, a friend who is also giving up plastic.

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