Thursday, 24 July 2008

The beginning

Finally, we've set a date (and time) to begin:

Saturday 26th July 2008, 12:00

And for what?

Giving up plastic. From Saturday at noon, for the next three months, there will be no new plastic.

Including (but not limited to): bin liners, food in plastic wrapping, plastic lids (like on marmite jars), yoghurt pots, biros, toothpaste, toothbrushes, washing up liquid, takeaway containers...


One day, quite a few months ago, I got my bike fixed at a community bike shop. They were just beginning to become plastic bag and bottle-free. I thought something along the lines of 'how pointless and impossible'.

Months later, it turned out that I'd been thinking about this rather a lot, and it happened that knew I had to give up plastic. Hardly a decision, more an acceptance.

Is plastic even bad?

Well, no. As a material, it is a wonderful invention. Particularly, it has enabled developments in the field of medicine. BUT we think of it as a completely disposible product. I'm not just talking packaging obviously designed to be chucked, but things like tooth brushes, toys that have a useful lifetime of months or years, but actually do not decompose and hang around for perhaps 500 or 1000 years [yes, there will be sources quoted at some point, but not today].

And plastic is made from oil which might get rather expensive, or run out...

All this un-wanted plastic, while not decomposing, is causing all sorts of problems. Something like 97% of fulmars (a sea bird) have plastic in their stomachs. And so on. Perhaps more detail another day.

But mostly I think it is a waste. We just can't keep throwing stuff away.

Presuming I manage to update this with my rather busy lifestyle looking for non-plastic alternatives, I shall update with how things are going - alternatives we've discovered and any failures. Suggestions always welcome... particularly for toothpaste, toothbrushes and marmite.


geraldine said...

what about toilet roll?? Can you buy some that doesn't come wrapped in plastic?

Pass said...

One wooden toothbrush coming up:

Good Luck!

Pass said...

Oh, and as for toothpaste, this

sounds tasty and hydrocarbon free! There's more choice of flavours on the website.

Rose said...

definitely you can buy it in flat sheets in a little cardboard box from sainsburys, but it is expensive and a tiny box. Haven't (yet) found anything else!

toothbrush - could be good, though I imagine they are animal bristles, and it looks like it has a plastic wrapping... I'll investigate

toothpaste - if this really doesn't have a plastic cap or anything, I'll be very very pleased!

Marianne said...

Rose, remember the solution to plastic tops. I suggest you employ this idea!

(i don't really though...)