Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I'm away (again!) but this time they will collect the (plastic) conference badges when we leave, to re-use! I am really sick of cooked breakfast (cereal in little boxes, again).

Anyway, today I went looking for plastic-free wine to take to a friend's house. Suddenly I can't remember its name, but it is some chain of wine shops. And this was the one on Little Clarendon Street in Oxford.

The assistant was lovely, and not too phased by my request for European wine, in a clear bottle* with a real cork and foil, not plastic round the top. We think we found one... though cannot be completely sure until it is opened. (And apparently it will taste good too.)

* The UK is a net importer of products in green glass, and so while it can be recycled, it is not usually used in this country and often shipped overseas (probably to China...). So clear glass is better, I believe.

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